Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manis with Friends!

Hi all! Today I have two manis for you that my friend Jessica and I did on one of our movie days. Her mani made me realize that I have got to start utilizing the accent nail a bit more. I love that feature on a mani, but I could never seem to do it well. I'd picture colors and finishes blending together so beautifully and when I'm done I think to myself "Well, a 3 year old could have done this!" But anyway...

Here are Jessica's early St. Patrick's Day nails. Green! My favorite color! I love St. Patrick's Day. She started with a base of CQ's Golden Green on all but her accent nails and then added Dollish Polish's He Slimed Me. On her Accent nail she has Icing's Magnetix in the gold/green/brown color. Something we noticed on it, was the longer she held the magnet the darker the color turned until she ended up with a streak of almost reddish brown in there. Very cool.

Since I know I'm going to be changing my polish again before St. Patrick's Day, I opted out of green this time. I did a base of Zoya's Ki and then layered Clairvoyent over it. I cannot describe to you how gorgeous Clairvoyent is! It's like a flakey wet dream! It makes your nails look like little mosaics. So pretty! I do have some tip-wear already even though I made sure to cap my nails so I'm not sure if Seche Vite doesn't like one of the polishes I'm wearing or if one of them isn't wearing as well as I usually like. Other than that, aces all around! 

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